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Adventure Tours in Atlantic Canada

Plunge Face-First into the Bay of Fundy

One of The Seven Wonders of North America

One of the Best Things to do in Canada

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the Reversing Falls Rapids while being submerged in the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. It is perfect for those looking for an adventure tour in Atlantic Canada! Make sure to keep your mouth closed, or you might end up swallowing half of the Atlantic!


Experience the Reversing Falls Rapids at TOP SPEED, the highest rapids in the world and a prize attraction of Atlantic Canada

View the Fort LaTour, Falls View Park, and the SKYWALK bridge

Scenic vistas of downtown Saint John from the water on the Bay of Fundy

Wildlife sightings including seals, dolphins, and various Canadian sea birds

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Trip Details

Trip Details

Cruise Ship Day:
$75 adults (13+)
$59 child (5 – 12 years old)
$15 infant/toddler (0 – 4 years old)
Non-Cruise Ship Day:
$65 adults
$49 child
$15 infant/toddler

Departure time

Cruise Ship Day:
Runs on the half-hour from 10 am – 5 pm, dependent on the slack tide.

Non-Cruise Ship Day:
Runs on the half-hour from 12 – 5 pm, dependent on the slack tide.


Important: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time for a safety briefing

Meeting point

55 Water St., Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2L OB1


June – October
Cruise ship day: 10 am – 5 pm
Non-cruise ship day: 12 pm – 5 pm

June – August
Closed on Thursdays if there is not a cruise ship scheduled
Cruise ship days: 10 am – 5 pm
Open only November 3rd: 10 am – 5 pm


30 minutes

Group size

12 guests maximum


Life jackets (mandatory)

Rain suits

Not included
  • Water & snacks

What to bring
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera
  • Change of clothes

Staff on the tour

Boat captain

Good to know

Plan on getting soaked on this tour!

Overview of Your Tour

Are you ready to experience this awesome natural phenomenon from the confines of a speedboat? Dive face-first into the Bay of Fundy as tours depart multiple times a day from Saint John and take in the scenic views of the historic downtown, before turning up the speed and plunging headfirst into the rapids. In this particular location, the river passes through a narrow gorge and crashes head-on with the rising tides of the Bay of Fundy. This collision is so strong that it causes the Saint John River to flow in reverse. Meanwhile beneath the water’s surface are a series of ledges, or underwater falls, as high as 60 meters (200 ft). That’s the same height as Saint John 15-storey city hall building! It’s the underwater rock outcroppings that cause the water to swirl in rapids and these Reversing Falls Rapids are a natural wonder unique to the Bay of Fundy – a thrill lover’s dream!

This hectic adventure into the rapids will be accompanied by our experienced, local staff who will keep you safe on the water. They are knowledgeable about the Bay of Fundy, which was voted one of the seven wonders of North America in 2011. Whether you want to learn more about the Reversing Falls Rapids phenomenon or the saltwater fish of Canada, ask away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Clothes and footwear you don’t mind getting wet. You might also want to bring a change of clothes for after the tour.

Are there any health restrictions for the tour?

Anyone with heart or back issues and anyone who may be pregnant, should not participate on this tour.

Does the tour have a minimum height restriction?

You must be 48 inches (122 cm) in height to ride.

How wet can I expect to get on the boat?

You will most likely get very wet.

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